Assembly – 2nd Shift – target pay $16/hr and up

Fox Lake, WI

Strong potential to make $1000 / week.

If you are a motivated hard worker, a spot on the Karavan Trailers assembly team could be a great fit.

We have recently implemented a new pay-for-performance compensation model in our Assembly area, building off of the experience and success achieved in other parts of our company.

In addition to base pay and overtime opportunity, our compensation plan includes a significant bonus payout based on proven levels of performance. The compensation can become attractive very quickly.

For example:

  • Tom has a base pay rate of $14.50 and works Mon – Thu, 50 hours a week. He is part of a team that is performing and they achieve a two week goal that earns each member of the team a $4 / hour worked bonus to be paid out as part of the normal paycheck.

Specifically, Tom’s math would be:

  • $14.50 x 80 hours at regular time = $1160
  • 20 hours of overtime at time and a half rate of $21.75 = $435
  • Bonus payout of 100 hours worked x bonus payout of $4 / hour = $400
  • Total compensation for the two week period $1995 or nearly $1000 / week

The above is based on proven rates we have achieved.

Our company is strong and growing. Visit our site at and view our videos below to learn more.


Our hours are currently 3:30pm to 2:00am (Mon-Thu) with overtime available. Our hiring process is efficient and quick.

If the above is of interest, we look forward to hearing from you.

Job Type: Full-time

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