Tire Size: 20.5 x 8-10E
Tire Size: ST175/80D13C
Tire Size: ST195/75D14C

Carrying Cap(20.5 x 8-10E): 4980 lbs
Carrying Cap(ST175/80D13C): 3820 lbs
Carrying Cap(ST195/75D14C): 4820 lbs

Cargo Deck: 101" / 264" + VF OAL: 334" Weight: 1620 lbs
Aluminum Tie Down Bars: 4 Turnkey System 2 Channels: Full Length
Brakes/Size (DB-Disc): Optional (One or both axles) Axles: 2 - 3750# Torsion
Style: V-Front w/Ramp Ramp: Yes

# Places: 4

Floor Type: 3/4" MG Ply
Floor Type: 1/2" HDPE


Disc Brakes
(Models with 13" or 14" tires only)

HDPE Floor Tongue Jack (Single Trailers)
Electric Brakes
(Models with 13" or 14" tires only)
VR Only:
Front Ramp/Rock Shield
Spare Tire Carrier
Alum or Galv Tire Upgrades
10" - 13" - 14" Tires
Rear Tie Downs Half turn Tie Down Clamps

It is the responsibility of the purchasing party to follow their
state or province's laws and regulations regarding brakes